Key Principles of Splice’s Work:

  • Consult, Collaborate, Empower, Inform, Action

  • Build social infrastructure through a shared evolving community vision

  • Foster trust and proactive communication and collaboration

  • Focus on active citizenship, and a recognition of the value of inclusion and a multi-voiced society

  • Skilled facilitation with a focus on sustainable outcomes, and promoting the existing strengths of the community

  • Recognising the interconnectedness of individual, family, community, society

  • A focus on the interpersonal moment and the spark of insight generated when people connect

  • A focus on place, and creating a safe space for diverse people to tell their story and to feel they belong

  • Engage with youth on terms which they feel comfortable with.

  • Foster a sense of giving back and being able to make a difference

  • A robust process for measuring impact and evaluating effectiveness.


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