Our work is for, by and with the community

Would you like to become a Splice volunteer or funding partner? You are welcome to join the team!

Splice works to a strategic plan anchored around the delivery of key outcomes through our events and programmes designed to create connected, just, and inclusive communities.

Our community engagement helps anyone who would like to join us. This is especially important for marginalised and socially isolated members of our community, who otherwise face economic or other barriers to participating in such programmes.

Splice operates through interdependent support, including our funding model.

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VOLUNTEERS: Would you like to become a Splice volunteer?

Splice operates with interdependent support from our community so we can deliver for our community.

We are a strong network of staff, volunteers, donors, and friends who keep Splice working for those who need us. Come join us!

Meet some of our awesome volunteers


“You get to have a sense of community, form relationships, feel like you’re contributing to a cause that is local and directly benefits you back as a member of the community.  The connections you forge through service are so much stronger and the trust you build around you is amazing much different to when you work at your day job because the motivations are more reliable than money.  It’s nice to be amongst people who would be willing to make things happen and take care of one another regardless of how busy or hard life gets because you feel safe and comforted knowing that if everything went wrong there are still people there. Being one of those people and surrounded by others with the same values is amazing.”


“Being a Splice volunteer has been so amazing and an eye opening experience. I not only get to work alongside some of the most fantastic people in the world. I am so privileged to be a part of their family. I love them with all my heart.”