An audio journey of buskers, poets and streeties from Auckland. We took a Zoom recorder onto Auckland streets and conducted live interviews with buskers, workers, poets and streeties to give us their perspective of living in the city.

The completed audio journey has been produced for buskers to sell on the street. There are many people in our city who have experiences of living in apartments, houses, on the street or in temporary situations. All of these residents have important perspectives to share about the current state of the city, and what could be done to improve the sense of community. Many of these people don't currently have a voice – but they do have important stories to tell and perspectives to offer. The core aim of ‘Street Wisdom’ is to form a greater sense of connection in Auckland, celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of this cultural hub.

Listen to Street Wisdom Vol 1 on Soundcloud here. & Vol 2 on Soundcloud here.