Day Programme

City Walking Group         
9.30AM Free!
Improve your fitness, make new friends and discover the hidden secrets of the city centre. 

Tea, Talk & Culture  Exchange            
10.30AM - NOON  Free
Make friends over a cup of tea, share food, activities and cultures. Language support and learning for new English speakers.

Lunchtime Talks
12.30 PM Free
A weekly series of engaging information sharing with local and visiting guest.

 Nov 21st – Anna Leyland - Visual artist discusses her work.
 Nov 28th – Eva Maria Ghannam - Peace building amongst militia in the Middle East.
 Dec 5th – Chye-Ling Huang – Proudly Asian Theatre.
 Dec 12th – Doris De Pont – NZ Fashion Museum and the Local Area.
 Jan 23rd - Lucia Die Gil  - The Future of Work and Mindfulness Practice.

Creative Writing Hub        
1.30PM Free
Bring all forms of writing! Share and exchange knowledge, inspire each other and triumph over writers block! 

Splicer's Afternoon     
2-5PM  Free
Visit the Splice team in the Ellen Melville Living Room to hang out, play board games, ask twenty questions, make oragami, stack lego and whatever else you can think of. As always, everybody welcome.