Day Programme

Splice Morning Inspiration
Starting Soon 8.30AM
A chance for local residents, retailers and interested people to discuss, network, inspire and connect over nuggets of inspiration all in the space of 20-30 minutes before the day kicks off! 

City Walking Group         
9.30AM Free!
Improve your fitness, make new friends and discover the hidden secrets of the city centre. 

Downtown Tea & Talk             
10.30AM - NOONFree
Make friends over a cup of tea, share food, activities and cultures.

Lunchtime Talks
12.30 PM
A weekly series of engaging information sharing with local and visiting guests; including upcoming international acts or the crew that supports them, behind the scenes experts in the arts, urban discussion points or perhaps a comedian or writer from the winter festivals that grace the city. 

Creative Writing Hub        
1.30PM Free
Bring all forms of writing! Share and exchange knowledge, inspire each other and triumph over writers block! 

Splicer's Afternoon  
2-5PM  Free
Visit the Splice team in the Ellen Melville Living Room to hang out, play board games, ask twenty questions, make oragami, stack lego and whatever else you can think of. As always, everybody welcome.

In the evenings!

Social Justice Hour
1st Tuesday of the month 6pm Free
The opportunity to ‘chew the fat’ on a range of current social issues comes to the most accessible public lounge in Auckland City Centre soon.  The Ellen Melville Centre Urban Lounge will be the venue for this early evening Social Justice Hour, or two! We’re planning for this to happen on the first Tuesday evenings of the Month.  Watch for our starting date.

Local History of the City Centre     
2nd Tuesday of the month 6PM  Free
An early evening exploration of the historical nooks and crannies of the local neighbourhood.  The history of buildings, trees, street names, early industry, volcanoes, creeks, tunnels and more.  Designed for those who enjoy understanding what has come before and linking this to their current surroundings.  Presentations followed by discussion – all free. 

City Centre Book Club
3rd Tuesday of the month 6PM Free
Share your love of reading, meet like-minded neighbours, expand your reading horizons and your friendship group! 

The Splice Bottling Co
4th Tuesday of the month 5.30PM
If a pantry full or jars of preserved goodies is something you desire then come be part of the Splice Bottling Co.  Working with seasonal produce and large communal pots, this is an opportunity to explore culinary creativity together in the centre’s flash kitchen.  Some contribution to covering the cost of the food may be required but otherwise free. 

Get Involved!

The Splice movement couldn't exist without our community idea-makers and action-takers.
Do you have an idea for community engagement? Do you want to get involved? Feel free to join us on Splice Tuesdays, or email