An informal meet-up for people of the community to talk, listen to speakers, sample music and enjoy free food and tea. Our focus is local - we want to bring people to small businesses, and we aim to host it in a different place each time and make an effort to source catering locally.

Everyone is welcome.

Tea is probably the most essential item in the mix - it is universally loved and there are endless varieties to keep it interesting.

Big thanks to our Autumn 2019 Cuppa guests - Mexican artist Victoria Villasana, and local visual artists Ross Liew, and Paul X Walsh.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for info on the each Cuppa!

The Winter Cuppa date is set at August 22nd - our wonderful guests this quarter include - IMUGI, who will talk about their song-writing process, and Jia from Mercury Plaza: Origins and New Beginnings Exhibition, to talk about the exhibition and what it all means, plus author and Africa On My Sleeve producer Makanaka Tuwe, to talk writing and the creative process.