Heartful Art

As a celebration and culmination of the Jean Marc Calvet Tour of 2017, Aucklanders got the chance to leave a mark of hope on the city centre. Splice teamed up with Auckland Libraries, the Fringe Festival and Resene to arm the public with paint, brushes and an empty wall outside the Central Library.

As with the rest of the tour, the theme was suicide prevention and artful healing. The wall was filled with messages of hope and declarations of love (in many different languages), self-portraits, a mural of our Chaplain at Large, and a beautiful Jean Marc Calvet mural in the centre of it all.

The event was a great example of community, compassion and courage. Those who claimed they couldn’t paint spent hours engulfed in the art-scape, kids painted with strangers, and streeties alongside professionals in nice dresses or suits and ties. The community artwork will remain up until the street art is painted over or fades, a nod to the transience of the city.


Thanks to Wayne Hapi for performing, and Resene for the paint sponsorship.