Celebrating Slam Poetry: A Workshop With Harry Baker (UK)

When it was suggested that I represent Splice at Harry Baker’s poetry workshop, the machine gun of doubt immediately fired a volley of shots in my head.  Would everyone attending be up and coming poets and I the only beginner? Would I be expected to actually write poetry? Would I have to read it OUT LOUD TO A GROUP OF STRANGERS?!



I began my role with Splice near the end of 2014 and couldn’t wait to build work right into my life. But as soon as I started I realised- what is my work? There’s no instruction manual for my role- it’s called Creative Ideas & Engagement (a title I made up myself,) and when your ultimate aim is to connect people in Auckland’s city centre it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out just how to do that.

The Koha Shed, Auckland City Centre

The building of community and the strands that come together to create strength, often come from the building of relationships that connect across the neighbourhood.

Last week I met with Brady the owner of Active Building Management, a community-minded fellow giving his time to discuss the pivotal role of building manager for residents in the city centre neighbourhood.  During that conversation the Koha Shed on Gundry Street (just off K Road) came up...

Starting the Splice Journey

When I told my friends I was leaving my long - time home in Mt Maunganui to work in Auckland they looked at me as if I was mad.

‘Why on earth would you do that?’ they asked.

So I told them I was going because I had a job I believed would be stimulating, challenging and rewarding. That got them interested.

‘What is your job?’ was the obvious next question.