Kindness - so simple yet with the power to transform our day, our place and how we might feel about the world in general. 

Splice once again hit the street for Random Acts of Kindness Day 1 September handing out 5000 Little Pots of Kindness (honey) as the catalyst for further acts of kindness.  Joining us this year was New World Metro giving out gold coin donation coffees and in-store activity.  The gold coin donations went to supporting the Community Fridge at Griffiths Gardens, an important piece of social infrastructure, supported by this neighbourhood supermarket every week.  11 Cafes of Kindness were also pumping up the kindness with random coffees and accompanying kindness card.  The Auckland Street Choir came down lending upbeat vocals to the early kindness-commute and the St James Theatre hoardings outside the library got a fine dousing of kindness quotes.

Promoting kindness via a small pot of honey on Queen St elicits a fairly consistent sequence of emotional response  Uncertainty - Surprise - Joy - Warmth and more often than not a commitment of understanding, to do "in kind" for the next person.

You can check out the full range of videos made for Random Acts of Kindness at Splice Auckland on YouTube - from locals talking about kindness, footage on the day and all eight episodes of "Geoff - Envoy of Kindness"

Mik Smellie was also on 95 bfm talking about the kindness movement. Listen to that here.

Kindness everyone knows it, everyone likes it - can we be more active with this wonderfully positive expression of compassion for each other?

"Love this! Kindness is such a little thing that can have such a big impact! Let's all show a little more and watch the changes!"  - feedback from social media

Such random acts of kindness cannot happen in a neighbourhood with the support of others.  A particular thank you to the following:

Auckland Council - for the encouragement and support to make the city centre a kinder place

Hikutaia Honey - for access to the honey, generous accommodation and feeding of the honey pot fillers

New World Metro - for joining with Splice in being part of the active delivery of kindness and their ongoing support of the Community Fridge at Pa Rongorongo

Heart of the City - for helping us promote RAK 18 and being part of the kindness video campaigns

For the following city centre Cafes of Kindness - Chuffed, Guerilla Espresso, Johnny feedback, Eight Thirty, Coffix K'Rd, Remedy, Citizen Q, Scratch Bakers,  Pollen and Reuben's hole-in-the-wall Coffee in Vulcan Lane.  Fine establishments one and all.

Active Building Management - for carry the RAK 18 posters into many lifts of the apartments around the neighbourhood

To the "splicers" who gave up their Friday to help spread kindness

Finally to all those who act with kindness in the neighbourhood.

KINDNESS - a signature for a city centre.