Walking – one sense at a time

Noticing and understanding what the city feels like through senses may help us understand how it works. The smell of spices and sauces steaming from a pop-up food container, the sounds of buildings erected on Saturday morning, the burning trash, car park’s hot ventilated into the street air, the chilly southern breeze all unfold different stories behind them. Realizing what the streets feel like may thus link us to the broader social issues – what does a livable city smell like, what is the sound of social justice, how does pollution reveal itself to the touch – these can be kept in mind when exploring the associations between city’s sensory clues and the mental places they send us to.

For one walker the wild mixtures of smells and sounds along Queens street may be unpleasant and something to get away from, while for someone else this diversity may be connected to how their home city feels like. Sharing these personal evoked connections is ultimately a chance to connect with the fellow walkers, learn something about each other and how it all relates to the streets we share.

Times & dates:


9/08-9pm & 11/08-11am


24/08-8pm & 25/08-11am


6/09-8pm & 8/09-11am


18/09-8pm & 22/09-11am

The meeting points for each walk will vary. For the updates, please follow the Splice facebook page.

For each of the walks comfortable walking shoes & some water supplies (helpful to stay alert) would be a good idea.

The walks are free, but we kindly ask you to register, as the number of people for each walk is limited. To let us know that you would like to join any of the walks, please drop a line to sandy@splice.org.nz

The walks are led by a cultural geographer/artist Iryna Zamuruieva aka www.thatsnotthepoint.com

This project acknowledges the support of Auckland Council and Splice.