OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD an exploration with Auckland city centre residents

Auckland city centre neighbourhood builders Splice, took a camera and went to apartment-dwelling residents with three simple questions:

What do you love of living in the city centre?

Where are the places outside of your apartments that you love?

If you had a magic wand what would you change?

The result is a short film, giving the city centre residential community of 50,000, a voice to express their love of the place they call home and consideration of how it could be even better.


The very heart of Auckland city has been undergoing a transformation in the past three decades.  Once the sole preserve of business with a strong tertiary presence, the city centre is now a neighbourhood encompassing the various communities who live, work, study, create and play. 


Heeding the call to go up rather than out, the ever growing residential community are increasingly expressing their place and identity in the city centre.  Commercially it can be seen by the presence of supermarkets and dairies but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover engaging neighbourhood opportunities, like a playgroup for parents and their under-fives, an active residents group, a community centre, tai chi on Thursdays etc.


Not everything about living amongst towering buildings is necessarily rosy. The risk of isolation in apartments is real, along with noise and particularly poor singing by late-night revellers, being some examples.  However for many who choose to call the city centre home, such issues are more than compensated for by the convenience of proximity to everything, the reality of walking rather than driving, some stunning parks, proximity to the water and the vibrant diversity of the neighbourhood.


Here’s some feedback from the initial screening:

“This is amazingly cool”

“You demonstrated the key messages and awareness including a collection of iconic places, great music & song with a taste of multicultural environment.”

“You should make another one”

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! It really captures a beautiful vibe and spirit. We're very proud to be part of it.”

 FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE FILM (12 minutes long)