Neighbourhood Basil

Splice issued a challenge to all staff this Neighbours Day (2018) to connect with their neighbours and send in their stories and photos.

Basil meets the neighbours

Splice Sandy Ritchie rose to the challenge in way that truly reflects her title of Splice “Community Connector”:   

Sandy shares: “My basil crop this year was far beyond anything I (alone) could manage.   I really love pesto but there’s a limit to how much I want to make! I couldn’t see all that basil go to waste so what better way to meet the neighbours than to knock on their door with a supermarket bag full of basil! 

So off I went, armed with two large bags of fresh, organic basil (no doubt about this - note the occasional holey leaf) to meet the two targeted neighbours.

No offence to the neighbourhood, but Dedwood Terrace has never seemed a very ‘neighbourly’ street - everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.

So I was surprised and delighted when neighbour “No 1”, thrilled with my offerings, told me about her daughter’s love of pesto, and her ‘thermomix’ that can make pesto in minutes. She invited me to use it any time. I was even more delighted when she appeared at my door within half an hour with a jar of delicious home-made pesto!

Neighbour “No 2”, invited me in for wine and sent me home with a jar of home-made kasundi!  Who said Dedwood Terrace isn’t neighbourly!

Housing first gets creative with our neighbours

Elizabeth Elliot (special projects) got chatting to some Housing First tenants from Grey’s Ave flats in Merge café one morning.  “They were feeling a bit negative about moving into Greys Ave because of historic problems. We asked what could make it better to live there and one of the things they suggested was creating a welcoming mural,” says Liz.

Dreaming and scheming sessions in Merge Café, door knocking at Greys Ave apartments and flyers inviting tenants to a paint and pizza party on Friday 23 March had occurred.  So armed with loads of test pots and brushes thanks to the generosity of Resene, food, drink and more, Liz set off for Greys Ave.  She was joined by Chaplain at large Jill and her dog Dusty, Julia (Merge), Hono (Housing First/Merge).  And slowly, as the creation emerged, others were persuaded to add their bit of love and creativity to the mural. 

Beer and Boeries with the Neighbours

And Jill Kayser, Splice Chaplain at Large hosted a “beer and boeries” picnic with her husband Paul and Boxer dog Dusty with their new neighbours in Eden Terrace.