Splice Tuesdays update

2018 is off to a great start with

Splice Tuesdays at the Ellen Melville Centre

Neighbourhood is about people connecting. Seeing so many people getting together, enjoying friendship and sharing interests is a heart-warming start to the year.

Why not be part of it? Head over to www.splice.org.nz/splice-tuesdays for our latest brochure about the Splice Tuesdays Programme or drop by the Ellen Melville Centre to say hello anytime from 9.30 onward every Tuesday.

Walking Group

We’re still trying to get this one off the ground (or on the ground??)
If you’re interested in meeting people for a friendly walk, contact sandy@splice.org.nz to talk about suitable times.

Currently meeting outside the Ellen Melville Centre, 9.30am on Tuesdays.

Tea, Talk and Culture Share

Language, laughter, food and fun – sharing cultures is great for everyone. Non-English speakers get to practice English, and we all learn from each other. All ethnicities welcome and ‘Kiwi-ness’ is in demand, so come on Kiwi neighbours, join us! We promise you’ll enjoy and learn from the experience – and if you have any migrant neighbours, bring them along. This is what neighbourhood is all about! Contact sandy@splice.org.nz

10.30 Tuesdays in the lounge.


Lunchtime talks

Bring your lunch and hear engaging speakers on fascinating topics – brain/computer interfacing systems, women’s empowerment, art …

In the lounge, every Tuesday at 12.30pm


Creative Writing

Where writer’s block meets explosive inspiration. Join fellow writers and inspire each other.

In the lounge, Tuesdays 1.30pm


After work yoga

This newly formed group proved very popular from its very first session.It’s a great way to finish the work day and go home feeling chilled out. Contact Yulia; namaste@yuliayoga.com    

Upstairs at the Ellen Melville Centre. 6pm Tuesdays


Social Justice Hour

The opportunity to ‘chew the fat’ on a range of social justice issues.

First Tuesday of every month in the lounge 6pm.

City Centre Neighbourhood History

Discover the fascinating history around everything from street names to volcanoes, tunnels, fashion, buildings (and so much more) in our neighbourhood,.

Second Tuesday of every month in the lounge 6pm.

Tuesday Book Club

Our first meet-up saw a keen and committed group of readers get off to a great start, both socially and with focus on reading! Early feedback suggests that everyone is enjoying the first read - ‘The 10p.m. Question’ by NZ author Kate De Goldie. We’re looking forward to discussing it at February’s group and choosing our book for next month. Come join us!

Contact Sandy sandy@splice.org.nz

6pm in the lounge, third Tuesday of each month.

Splice Bottling Co-op

Bring a jar and join Splice’s master ‘bottler’ to make and take home pickles and jams, using the season’s plentiful produce.

Fourth Tuesday every month at 5.30pm



Find something that interests you or come along with your own ideas and see if we can help you to make it happen!