KINDNESS - the power to transform communities

Kindness, the incredibly positive value we all understand and have experience of, was once again ramped up on the streets of the city centre neighbourhood for Random Acts of Kindness Day 2017.

Combine, two teams armed with 5000 “Little Pots of Kindness" filled with the sweetest of bush honey and “kindness cards” encouraging both the consideration of kindness and a call to action, with 19 neighbourhood "Cafes of Kindness" handing out free coffees and you have a sweeping wave of kindness through the city centre neighbourhood.

Along with all the surprise, the hugs, smiles and appreciation, what better way to describe what happened than some of examples of the impact a small act of kindness can have on each other in a community:

“This is wonderful – it’s just made our day even better” - An older couple going for a wedding anniversary lunch

One lady came up to me after “S” gave her a pot of honey and she started crying – she said that she needed this today, she’s been going through a lot of hardship lately.  

“This is amazing. I’ll go in to work with a big smile on my face today” 

Walking up Queen Street to work this morning feeling a bit jaded after a broken night's sleep and with a sore throat, the offer of a small jar of honey was so unexpected and gratefully received. A few spoonfuls throughout the day made all the difference. Thank you Splice 😊😊 

“Received this (photo of a honey pot) on the way to work. It touches me to see this is happening.” 

“After receiving your free pot of honey I was generally pleased as I arrived at work. I am a debt collector and I have the autonomy to make people's lives much harder or much easier, depending on the level of commitment they make to resolving their situation.  A person called me this morning to settle a significant debt they had really battled to raise money for. They had mentioned they had not been overseas for many years due to their debts and that this was their last debt. Let's just say they have some extra cash in their pocket now, can take that overseas trip and will not be worrying about that debt ever again. Let’s put it all down to a small pot of honey.” 

You can read the full list of feedback here


A special Splice thank you must go to the following people and organisations, who make the spreading of kindness possible: 

Kindness Splicers – the residents, students, workers and others, who generously were able to find the time to put normal life aside for a morning and pluck up the courage to hit the streets to give kindness to others on a Friday morning.

Hikutaia Honey – Barbara and Allan for their honey and the warmth of their hospitality, as the team knuckled down to manually fill the “Little Pots of Kindness” that create the magic that touches the hearts of those who receive them.

Methodist Mission Northern and Aotea St James without whom the work of Splice in connecting the threads of community would not be possible.

Activate Auckland Council – for their contribution to the funding of the action and understanding, that a city that invites kindness, is a place we all want to live, work, study and play in.

Cospak and Mainfreight – Cospak who gave us a great deal on the jars and lids and Mainfreight who readily came to the party in delivering them from Auckland to Opotiki.  Kindness from business in support of community engagement and enhancement is always welcome from an NGO who can’t always stretch to cover all avenues.

Active Building Management and Network Media – communication within the city centre can be tricky without a swanky marketing budget.  Our thanks to these two and others for getting the message into a good number apartments and in front of people on the Red Bus that circulates the neighbourhood.

Kindness Cafes - it is heartening to engage with so many neighbourhood cafes, who see themselves as active participants in their community and leapt at the chance to be part of the day.

Finally to Everyone who engaged in Random Acts of Kindness, acts big and small, on this day and beyond – keep up the good work and - practice makes perfect.