Chinese Dumplings - a recipe for connection

-        Take a group of patrons at Merge Cafe.

-        Add a small group of senior Chinese women (who don’t speak English) and a large dollop of goodwill.

-        Chop, knead and shape together to produce perfect dumpling dough, laughter and friendship.   

-        When preparation is complete, cook and enjoy food together.

-        Exchange beautiful cultural songs to show appreciation, goodwill and friendship.

This was the recipe that connected unlikely neighbours from Merge Café and the Chinese community when a group of senior Chinese Splicers taught homeless /recently housed patrons at Merge Café how to make traditional Chinese dumplings. The result was delicious food along with newly blended trust and understanding.

Courage is required every time a senior migrant steps out into our community, even when the community is reasonably familiar. Stepping out to teach (in a foreign language) a section of the community that is totally unfamiliar, requires even more courage.

This message from a member of the Chinese group says it all; ‘Made the two cultures together. We were all happy this afternoon.’