The Enjoyable Business of Splicing with Business

The Auckland city centre neighbourhood is a resource rich environment, abundant with the skills and willingness of a raft of locals, e.g. the Auckland University students with whom Splice collaborate around public spaces every year, the bi-lingual residents who help us cross the language barrier in the absence of the team’s ability with Mandarin…the list goes on.

It is also the businesses of the neighbourhood, both local and further afield, who are willing to pitch in and play their part in building a community of courage and compassion. 

Splice’s contribution to fundraising for the Lifewise Big Sleepout 2017, was an approach to local restaurants asking “Can You Spare a Meal” to be auctioned over Trade Me.  A “splicing” and all-of-community approach, where the generosity and willingness of the business community and the compassionate desire (and tastebuds) of the general community, were brought together in order to raise funds to effect change in the lives of another sector of the community, our neighbours without homes.

On 1 September Splice will be going back to the street for Random Acts of Kindness Day – raising the profile of kindness, as a key element to building positive communities we value and love. The project has the support of Hikutaia Honey, a hefty discount on 5000 jars and lids (Cospak Ltd) and an offer to transport the empty jars in Auckland, to meet the honey in Opotiki (Mainfreight).  Businesses one and all, who have a genuine willingness to widen their perspective beyond their own bottom lines, to support the prospect of something bigger and in this particular instance kinder, for everyone.

So a special thank you from Splice, to all of the businesses who splice with us and in particular for those who supported the “Can You Spare a Meal” campaign and for those in support in the build up to Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Here they are: 

"Can You Spare a Meal" - The Caker, Madame George, The Lantern Alley, Saigon, Citizen Q, Carmen Jones, Gemmayze Street, The Hipgroup, Marvell Grill, Café Hanoi, Monsoon Poon, Heart of the City, Britomart Group, Trade Me.

Random Acts of Kindness Day - Hikutaia Honey, Cospak, Mainfreight, Active Building Management.

“Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean” - Ryunosuke Satoro