Sharing Food and Telling Stories

Throughout history story sharing has been a process whereby connections were made and trust was built both between individuals and within communities. Exchanges often took place while trading with a pedlar, participating in shared work or while preparing or sharing food.

Today, story sharing continues to provide a means to ‘know’ others, to recognise ourselves in them, and to understand our differences through sharing experiences; but in this fast-paced world, how often do we take the time to share our stories and really listen to others?

In order to do our work of connecting and building community in our city centre, Splice needs to hear people’s experiences of living in the city centre.

In any community, it’s impossible to ‘assume’ what people want or need.  Add in the huge diversity of cultures and languages in Auckland city centre, and it’s even more complex.

Splice recently gathered together a group of Auckland city centre Chinese residents, many with little or no English, to enjoy shared food and tell their stories about arriving and living in New Zealand. With the help of a wonderful group of volunteer interpreters information was recorded and will be used to plan,  with members of the Chinese community, what ‘we’ and ‘they’ can do together to make the city centre a neighbourhood where they feel at home.

Story sharing can, without a doubt,  capture people’s hopes, dreams, and vision and provide the collective power to turn ‘ME’ into ‘WE’ in terms of building community.