Kindness is contagious - pass it on

With the arrival of Spring and the annual 1 September Random Acts of Kindness Day Splicers took to the streets to challenge people of the city centre neighbourhood to act with kindness. 

Small pots of Opotiki’s finest honey and a “kindness card” encouraging active participation were handed out on the street, while 10 local cafes also got in on the act surprising their patrons with a free morning caffeine fix.

Why Kindness?  Consider for a moment the nature of a community where kindness is the norm, where compassion is valued and sharing and fun become commonplace?

Splice’s own thanks goes out to the for the kindness received particularly from Hikutaia Honey, Auckland Design Office, K’Rd Business Association and as always the Splicers who were able to be on the street engaging with community.

This piece of feedback received via social media perhaps best sums up in its heartfelt simplicity, the rationale behind the action:
                   “Thank you, someone showed me kindness today”

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