Splicer Profile: Liz Busch

Liz Busch:  Mother, life-coach, passionate community creator and Splicer.

How, one might ask, can one person (especially a mother of a busy 20- month old) manage that?

I met with Liz recently to talk about the great things she’s doing in the community, and asked that question (and several others)

 Liz is a young woman who appears to have things ‘sorted.’

Her firm belief is that when you become clear on who you are, and you work in your passion, you have an inner connection with what you do; you can let go of the time consuming ‘busy-ness,’ the ‘I should’ that is often the cause of stress and anxiety, and create your world around the things that are truly important to you. These aren’t just fancy words; Liz hasn’t always operated this way and says her life experience has led her to this conclusion.

She says she grew up feeling something was missing and has since identified that gap as community and connection. Her family was quite isolated; school (Westlake Girls) was about achieving excellence in both study and other activities. Throughout school she was busy, involved and achieving but she never felt really ‘connected’.

Ten years of study and travel, and finding an outwardly ‘dream job’ with Nokia in Berlin didn’t seem to make a diffrence. Liz took time out and travelled for three months to process what she really wanted in life. Expecting to eventually return to her job, three months turned into eighteen months and the huge decision to let go of the corporate life and train as a life coach, using her psychology background to do something that would benefit others.

Returning to Auckland in 2012 to have a family, Liz was surprised to find the city bubbling with change. She saw potential and wanted to have a voice in that change. A friend introduced her to Splice where she became involved in supporting a range of activities. 

It was through her participation in a Plunket study to identify the needs of inner city parents that Liz found real focus. As a strong supporter of the actions coming out of the study, she established an on-line ‘Meet-up’ page (http://www.meetup.com/Parents-of-Under-5s-in-Auckland-City/) which has become a ‘go to’ for parents of under- fives looking for activities and ways to connect in the city centre.  Having been involved in the establishment of a Plunket parent support / play-group she has gone on to establish a second play-group, more accessible from the Karangahape road end of the city. 

Liz loves living in the city and when asked what her vision for Auckland city centre is, she is thoughtful. ‘A city culture that isn’t focussed just on business,’ she says. ‘One that builds on the creative potential of diversity and inclusiveness, and creates an exciting new identity based on this.’

You can find more about Liz and her coaching business here:  www.coachwithliz.com