Central City Playgroups

Living in a small space in the city centre with babies or toddlers can be very trying. Children become bored and ‘stay at home’ parents can feel frustrated.  Parents, particularly immigrants who have no family in the country, can feel isolated and unsupported.

It’s important for both parents and children to get out and meet others in the same situation - but where can they go?

Liz Busch is working with Splice and Plunket to meet a huge need in the city centre and set up play groups that families can attend on a casual basis.  The aim is to provide opportunities for children to play together and for parents to socialise and make friends.

The play-groups are still in the early planning stage and support is welcome, particularly in the establishment stage, whether it be links to possible spaces or with people willing to work with us,.

The groups are not exclusive to parents and children.  Surrogate ‘Grannies’ or ‘Aunties’ can provide welcome support for those without family and in return build some rewarding connections of their own.

If you would like to be kept up to date or offer your support please contact sandy@splice.org.nz


- Sandy Ritchie