Splicing Our Way into 2017


Looking into the year ahead - plans of great intent are formulating.

On the splice agenda is increased engagement with the ever-growing Chinese community that lives in the city centre. Often these neighbours are recent migrants for whom the city centre is an environment in which newness, another language and finding a sense of belonging (versus isolation) are challenges to be negotiated. Current thinking revolves around themes of – welcome, inclusion, cross culture, the notion that many of us have a story of migration to these shores to share, defined to varying degrees by length of time or generations. Read more. 
The annual City Centre Neighbours Day event for 2017 will occur on Sunday 26 March. For a residential neighbourhood of 40,000 + often struggling for a sense of identity in what was formerly just a business district, this event is a key promotion of connections between apartment dwellers that quietly grows each year.
Local Body Elections present Splice with an opportunity to engage with the Waitemata Local Board in the establishment of priorities for their plan for the next three years.  Here is the link to the current board plan:  http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/AboutCouncil/representativesbodies/LocalBoards/Waitematalocalboard/Documents/waitematalbp2014.pdf

The Splice team are putting our heads together next month in preparation but we would very much welcome input from the Splice community.  If you have ideas and suggestions of where the local board could or indeed should place their focus in the ongoing improvement of the neighbourhood of the city centre, send these through to mik@splice.org.nz