The Koha Shed, Auckland City Centre

The building of community and the strands that come together to create strength, often come from the building of relationships that connect across the neighbourhood.

Last week I met with Brady the owner of Active Building Management, a community-minded fellow giving his time to discuss the pivotal role of building manager for residents in the city centre neighbourhood.  During that conversation the Koha Shed on Gundry Street (just off K Road) came up in conversation, as the Splice BBQ trailer was heading to the Old Folks Association Hall that Sunday for the Shed’s free Christmas lunch hooley.

The relatively confined nature of apartment living determines a less-than hoarding lifestyle and so often there needs to be a purge of perfectly good kit that simply has no place to live.  Building managers know this, residents know this.  What neither of them may be aware of is that the neighbourhood’s Koha Shed welcomes those unwanted items in order to then redistribute them for free on Sunday afternoons.

So through a conversation and a Christmas BBQ, positive connections are made that help promote and connect a great community initiative, the Koha Shed with building managers and apartment residents to see excess gear get to a new home.

- Mik Smellie