Research now shows that “witnessing kindness inspires kindness, causing it to spread like a virus”. “Kindness Contagion” Jamil Zaki, Stanford University, 2016
Splice invites you to imagine a city centre neighbourhood that prides itself on kindness - the generosity, enjoyment and the healthy social cohesion we would experience, as a community of many interconnected parts in the city.

To this end, beginning with Random Acts of Kindness Day 1 September 2016, and again on the same date in 2017, Splice is looking to ignite a wave of kindness spreading out from the Queen St valley and along K Road, into the offices, cafes and apartment buildings of the city. 

Kindness need not be limited to a single day. The city centre has a massive wealth of resource sitting within businesses, tertiary institutions and the individuals who live here. The sharing of what might seem everyday skills, knowledge or resource to us, could be an invaluable boost forward for another. If we are all prepared to share a manageable amount of what we have with the next person, then the city centre’s song sheet would have an unrivalled repertoire.


“Remember there is no such things as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end” – Scott Adams

"I received a honey pot on the way to work today. It touches me to see this is happening."  - recipient

 "I loved the way you saw someone’s body language change from receiving something just out of an act of kindness"   - kindness splicer  


Feedback from the 2017 event has been overwhelmingly positive, please read here