Heartful Arts is a community arts programme that brings together international artists with communities to collaborate on large artworks together. In the process, participants make meaningful connections and expand their worldviews through creative, heartful art.

Splice Cuppa - The Splice ‘Cuppa’ is an informal meet-up for people of the community to talk, listen to speakers, sample music and enjoy free food and tea. Our focus is local - we want to bring people to small businesses, and we aim to host it in a different place each time and make an effort to source catering locally.

Splice BBQ - The Splice BBQ is a self contained sausage-sizzling wagon of connectivity.  Used at large and small events around the neighbourhood it adds the dimension of the sharing of food to community building activity.  There's no reason why living in an apartment should prevent the cultural expectations of a summer BBQ.

Apartment Champions - Splice recognises the difficulties of getting local, city centre neighbourhood information, heard above the number of larger marketed and regional events, held in the city centre.  A process of identifying "apartment champs" to be the conduit for local information to residents within buildings, is proving an effective way to "spread the word" and the assistance of supportive and "splicing" building managers is invaluable in this process.

Splice Tuesdays - Splice is programmer and host in residence at the Ellen Melville Centre in Auckland City Centre every Tuesday. Activities are varied and include morning inspiration, city walking groups, cross-cultural activities, evening presentations, social justice hour, and a wide range of activities and community splicing to keep you inspired in the city. All welcome! 

Neighbour's Day - City Centre Neighbours Day an annual free event in March for the locals and by the locals.  A daytime bonanza that has included BBQs, games, music, art, bouncy castle, local information, carving and plenty more.  A celebration for everyone who identifies with the city centre as being home, with the purpose of building the sense of identity and new connections that creates neighbourhood.  The next Neighbours Day is 24 March 2018 – see you there.


Random Acts Of Kindness Day September 1st – Splice’s annual ‘Random Acts of Kindness’  activation involves 5000 Little Pots of Kindness (honey) distributed on the streets of Queen and K'Rd.  It invites the recipients to consider the transformative impact acting with kindness can have, on how we feel about, ourselves in the process of giving kindness, on our relationships with others and the environment in which we live, work, study or play.  Joined by up to 20 local Cafes of Kindness for the day distributing free coffees, a wave of kindness sweeps the neighbourhood working a special magic wherever it lands.  (Check out the Splice Blog for more detail.)

Human Library - borrow a person instead of a book; A library made up of human beings who represent groups in the community that may be exposed to stigma, prejudice or discrimination. 

Active Citizens - is a social leadership programme which promotes intercultural dialogue and social responsibility as key leadership competencies in the 21st century. Participants will go on a journey which moves them from self-awareness to understanding where their community sits in the world and finally to how their local actions have global resonance. They will develop their skills in dialogue and increase their value for difference. Participants will receive the tools and support they need to set up or adapt the way they run their own social action projects to tackle a social issue within their community.


Public Spaces Collaboration - Apartment living creates a different relationship with the spaces outside of a resident’s building. Often this is referred to as the notion of the external “living room”. Many of the city’s apartments are small in size and this heightens the need to access space away from home without the need to engage in a commercial transaction.  An ongoing collaboration with the University of Auckland and a class of Planning students is helping unlock some of the lesser known public spaces in the city.

Street Wisdom - Splice has supported many people in the city who unable to realise their creative vision with advocacy, mentoring, equipment and event support. We value and advocate for many of our City Centre neighbours who for whatever reason are unable to express themselves. Around Xmas 2016 we released an audio journey album recording of buskers, streets and poets in the city to get the perception of the city through the eyes of those who live, work, play and sleep there. Street Wisdom Vol 1 is an album for the street from the street! In 2017 we did it again - Street Wisdom Vol 2 is now available.