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Chaplain At Large

Jill Kayser is the Splice team leader and chaplain at large to Auckland city centre. Jill seeks to nurture life giving relationships and create opportunities for promoting community and belonging for all who who live, work and play in our diverse and exciting city centre. When she's not working, Jill enjoys spending time with her family and dog in the Coromandel.


Head of Mission

John MacDonald is the Splice founder and visionary and Head of Methodist Mission Northern. He spent five years as the Chaplain at Large on the streets on the city, connecting with people, meeting, talking and advocating for people who don't have a voice. He has supported artistic practice, community building exercises, and social justice movements. He is passionate about bringing "heart-based" methodology to Splice's work and presence in the city. John is a regular at the Occidental pub on Vulcan Lane.


Community Connector

Sandy Ritchie’s is Splice's ‘community connector’. Sandy addresses isolation in Auckland city centre by connecting with residents and linking them to each other through regular community building events and groups. Friendships that develop through these groups create a sense of belonging, foster confidence and a willingness to be involved and lead in the community. When not working Sandy enjoys boogie boarding with her grandchildren on Waiheke Island! Sandy’s role is supported by the Department of Internal Affairs.


Central City Fanatic

Mik Smellie, Splice's "City Centre Fanatic" has been a local vertically-inclined resident for 15 years. Mik seeks innovative ways to build connections amongst city centre residents, businesses and tertiary sectors. He is passionate about creating a city centre “neighbourhood” of connection, contribution and compassion. Mik's role includes information sharing, collaboration, advocacy and development of the social infrastructure in a place that has for many decades focused primarily on business, but is now a neighbourhood teeming with people who live, work, study, create and play. Outside of work Mik is dedicated to the existence of moose in Fiordland.


Creative Communicator

Madison O'Dwyer is a Project Manager, Creative Communicator and Active Citizens Facilitator for Splice. She uses her background in poetry and visual arts to bring people together. Maddy advocates for youth empowerment and mental wellness in the city centre. When she's not working, she's writing copious pages of poetry for her next collection, or spoiling her rescue dogs.


Creative Consultant

Gareth Farry is a creative producer with 20+ years experience in Auckland. Past arts manager for the British Council in NZ, he also runs his production company and label Sugarlicks, and set up the iconic Auckland venue Khuja Lounge in the early 2000’s. These days Gareth specialises in intercultural and social action arts work, connecting people across borders through the NZ Active Citizens programme. He lives off-grid in the Waitakere bush.