John MacDonald: John is the Splice visionary and Superintendant. He has spent the last three years as a positive presence on the streets on the city, connecting with people who don't normally have a voice, meeting, talking and advocating for them. He has supported artistic practice, community building exercises, and social justice movements. He is passionate about bringing "heart-based" methodology to Splice's work, as a new unique presence in the city for empowering expression.

Sandy Ritchie: Sandy is employed as a community connector as part of an ongoing contractual agreement with Department of Internal Affairs. Her focus is on connecting migrants into the community and with each other, with the purpose of building confidence and expression within the community, and addressing issues of city centre isolation.

Mik Smellie: Mik seeks innovative ways to build connections amongst city centre residents and splice in the business and the tertiary sectors of the neighbourhood, to create a city centre that hums the same tunes of joy and compassion.  Issues of information sharing, collaboration, and development of the social infrastructure of a geographical space once reserved for the world business but has now become a neighbourhood teeming with people who live, work, study, create and play.

Madison O'Dwyer: Maddy is a Project Manager and Creative Communicator for Splice. She uses her background in poetry and visual arts to bring people together.

Gareth Farry: Gareth is a creative consultant for Splice. He is involved in designing some of the arts and engagement programmes, seeking partners and utilising the uniqueness of Splice's City Centre presence for good.