Neighbours Day in March each year is the opportunity to celebrate the most unique of all neighbourhoods.  Apartment dwellers and others who call the city centre home come together to meet, greet, eat, play and make the connections that builds the fabric of a vibrant and healthy community.

Neighbours Day in the city centre has featured music, art, BBQ’s, games, a human library, local groups and services, community displays, tai chi, circus performance, bouncy castle…really if it walks, talks city centre fun, community and connection, it’s got a place at the event table.

Splice has taken a leading role in event delivery for a number of years while increasing the volume of integration of delivery by local residents, groups and city centre companies such as building management company Active Building Management and Ray White City Apartments.

We see Neighbours Day as part of the changing narrative of the city centre from primarily business to one where people live, sleep, work, study, create and play.

"Our Neighbourhood - An exploration with Auckland City Centre Residents"

Neighbours Day comes around late March every year.  If you want to be part of celebrating and activating neighbourhood in the city centre please feel free to make contact to see how we might help.