We’re all about building wellbeing through community - creating opportunities for people to come together, collaborate and participate in meaningful ways.

For some people social isolation, loneliness and other issues are a big part of daily life. Our programmes are designed to bring thousands of people together each year to build community, support each other’s well-being and have fun.



We’re specialists in community outreach. We craft compassionate solutions and programmes for all sorts of people. We’re here to help.



Our dynamic network of staff, volunteers, donors, and friends work with those who need support. Local businesses and organisations help us create community for workers, migrants and residents in the city, and beyond.

Splice is a part of Methodist Northern Mission. Over 150 years in Auckland connecting with community means we’re one of the strongest voices for community-building in Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve been around a long time and are trusted to support all kinds of New Zealanders to shine.