Apartment living should be no barrier to the ability to have a connection with soil and grow produce.  The ability to gather Feijoa remains an inalienable right of all Aucklanders, even city dwellers.  Connections between people living in apartments are an important antidote to isolation and offer a rich and more enjoyable social life and engagement with community.

From these three perspectives the Feijoa Guild was born.  

In 2015 and with Auckland Council permission a group of neighbours got together and planted the first Feijoa"forest" in the city centre.  Visit it on Churchill St (just off Beach Road at the bottom of Constitution Hill), linger a while, pull the grass or weeds back from around the base of the trees and give them some water, they are thirsty especially when fruiting.

Join our annual Feijoa Festival in May - a night of festivity and fun including a Feijoa (related) competition and Guild's Celebratory Jug" award.

Thanks to Splice for enabling the Feijoa Guild to get traction by acting as an umbrella group for funding that came from Auckland Council for the purchase of trees etc. and bringing the Splice BBQ to the planting events.

Check out the Guild on Facebook here.

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The Guild of the Feijoa (Auckland) Celebratory Jug Hall of Fame

2016 - Derek and his Jar of Jam - winner of the feijoa chutney making competition

2017 - Julie and her Zeppelin - supreme winner of "The Neighbourhood Feijoa" photographic competition

2018 - Kai, Vesna & Julie - co-sculptors of Tom the Feijoa Elephant (evocative reconstructions of Tom the Elephant of Albert Park, made out of Feijoa, of course).