Apartment living should be no barrier to the ability to have a connection with soil and growing produce.

The ability to gather feijoa remains an inalienable right of all Aucklanders and so it should also be, in the city centre neighbourhood. 

Connections between people living in apartments (regardless of the vehicle) are an important antidote to possible isolation and offer a richer and more enjoyable social life and engagement with community.

From these three perspectives the Feijoa Guild was born. 

In 2015 and with Auckland Council permission a group of neighbours got together and planted the first ""feijoa forest" in the city centre. 

The annual Feijoa Festival is held in May, with the awarding of the Guild's celebratory jug to the winner of that particular year's competition involving feijoa.


Two simple actions from Splice enabled the Guild to get traction and underway:

• Acted as an umbrella group for funding that came from council for the purchase of trees etc.

• Splice BBQ trailer came to the planting event welcoming broader community activity.


Check out the Guild on Facebook here.

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