Addressing isolation in Auckland city centre

‘Bringing together diverse communities promotes social cohesion & community harmony. Social cohesion is evident when ethnic people have a sense of belonging and participation, and communities are inclusive and value diversity.’


Isolation has been identified as an issue in Auckland city centre, with senior Chinese, stay-at-home-parents of under 5’s, and students being particularly affected.
The purpose of this project is to build social cohesion between ethnic and ‘host’ communities, so everyone has a sense of belonging and can participate in building a neighbourhood that is inclusive and values diversity.

Projects delivered by Splice to address isolation in Auckland City Centre

Families in the City / Parents of under-5’s
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  • Healthy activity groups provide a vehicle for parents of all ethnicities and their children to connect and build supportive friendships.

Current activities:

  • Yoga play-group – a cross-cultural group allowing mothers to take time for themselves while children are safe and in view.
  • Young City Explorers – caregivers and pre-schoolers playgroup using the outdoors.
  • Co-manage an on-line ‘Meet-ups for Parents of under 5’ site where parents can find details about activities in the city.
  • Collaboration with Plunket to promote and support their playgroups.
  • Collaborative relationship with the City Library to enable connections and mutually share information around activities for under 5’s.
  • Personal connections made with parents in parks and on the streets provides information, builds trust and makes them feel welcome to groups.
  • A whatsapp group has been set up to encourage parents to stay in touch with each other and make their own ‘play-dates’
  • Link with Freeman’s Bay School to assess needs of children living in the city.

Senior Migrants:

Connecting with the migrant community:

  • Due to the challenges in accessing apartments to provide information, Splice connects with people on city streets, parks, at the central library and through other organisations.

·       We-chat group, ‘City Neighbours’ was set up with the assistance of a Chinese community member. This is a major communication tool for Chinese so enables Splice to connect with a large (and growing) number of city centre Chinese.

Tea, Talk and Culture Exchange.

  • This group provides opportunities for senior migrants to connect, socialise and feel supported, confident and ‘at home’ in the community.
  • Introduces and supports basic English through informal teaching and conversation with local residents and various activities e.g. music, cooking.

Other cross-cultural activities:

·       ‘Kiwi Xmas dinner: 2016. A shared Christmas dinner for Chinese families and Splice staff, using interpreters to explain Christmas traditions.

·       Food Share & Story Telling: 2017. A designed informal consultation to assess the needs of city centre Chinese seniors in a non-threatening environment.

·       YMCA experience: Senior group visit to YMCA and participation in ‘Never2old’ programme, as a start to becoming more aware of, and involved in, community opportunities.

·       Dumpling making both within the group and working with rough sleepers and newly housed.                         

·        Splice supports ACPC (Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church) ‘Tea Time’ programme with regular assistance with language.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Students in the City Centre:

·       2017: Connected with AUT (Auckland University of Technology) encouraging ESOL trainees to gain experience by providing English support within seniors group.

·       EDENZ College: 2018: Collaborating to establish a students’ ‘drop in’ afternoon at Ellen Melville Centre.


Other regular Splice activities that connect people:

Auckland Street Choir:

An inclusive, fun community choir, which practices weekly and performs at various events.

Life drawing group:

Auckland CBD Life Drawing Group: A popular weekly group bringing a diverse group together to share their interest in art and drawing.







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