The movement of local, residential information, around the city centre is often drowned out by activity occurring in the neighbourhood but intended for a region wide audience.  The difficulties of reaching residents in apartments is a regular point of discussion at networking meetings of service providers.  Apartment letterboxes are off-limits to leaflet drops and while social media has some reach, our experience is that it is a combination of vehicles, including word-of-mouth that gets the message out there.

Splice is quietly building a network of "apartment champions" - residents and building managers, prepared tor receive by email a monthly document - "Splice Snippets". The options are to simply read, or forward to other residents, print and place on noticeboards, copy to apartment Facebook pages - whatever action the individual champ' wants to take to spread the word.

Never more than two pages, as the name suggests the monthly Splice Snippets gives the recipient a taste of what is happening locally,  allowing the curious to dig a little deeper where their interest is piqued.

The Apartment Champions approach has been further enhanced by Splice's development of a local WeChat (the Chinese equivalent of Facebook) group, in order to delivery the same neighbourhood-level information to the local Chinese community many of whom have English as a second language. 

If you are interested in becoming and Apartment Champion and receiving the monthly Splice Snippets please email