SPLICE SNIPPETS - a monthly emailed document packed with neighbourhood information

Neighbourhood information, relevant to the city centre residential population, often struggles for traction in an urban space where competition for your attention and awareness, includes significant numbers of regional activities pitched at all Aucklanders.    

The difficulties of reaching residents in apartments, is a regular point of discussion at networking meetings of service providers.  Locals themselves often ask "Where would I have heard about that?".  Apartment letterboxes are off-limits to leaflet drops, noticeboards are far and few between and while social media has some reach, our experience at Splice is that it is a combination of vehicles, including word-of-mouth through relationships, that gets the message out.

Splice Snippets. a monthly two page document emailed to apartment dwellers, building managers and other neighbourhood stakeholders, is part of our response to this identified need. Recipients are encouraged to forward to others, print and post onto noticeboards and building Facebook pages. 

Content endeavours to be supportive of the smaller neighbourhood groups and profile activity or awareness to issues that cannot be sourced through more traditional or established channels.

As the name suggests the monthly Splice Snippets gives the recipient an introductory taste of what is happening locally, using hyperlinks to facilitate the curious to dig a little deeper where interested.

Splice has also facilitated the creation of a local WeChat group in recognition of the significant number of local Chinese for whom English is a second language.  Some describe WeChat as being of equivalence to Facebook.

If you are interested in receiving the monthly Splice Snippets please email   mik@splice.org.nz   We respect the use of your email.

"This is great, thank you! I love the variety of bits and bobs u continue to come up with. You work so hard on all this."  - resident       

"Always worthwhile - thanks" - resident     

"Love these snippets and share what I can where I can" - service provider