sPLICE SNIPPETS - Neighbourhood Information for apartment dwellers

Interested in knowing what is going on in the city centre neighbourhood but not sure where to find the information?

Splice Snippets will tell you about - neighbourhood events, local community groups, information on city-living, community centre activity, local decision-making and more. Ideas and opportunities that make living in this neighbourhood, a full, fun and engaging community experience.

Emailed directly to you every month, “Splice Snippets” were created to help spread local information amongst people in apartments. People were often saying to us “if only I had known…” or “I’ve been here for six months and only just found out that…”.

It’s easy to hear about the big events happening in the city centre, for everyone in the Auckland region but discovering the local city centre yoga playgroup for parents with under fives, or learning there is a new art class starting next month at the community centre, this can be much harder.

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"This is great, thank you! I love the variety of bits and bobs you continue to come up with. You work so hard on all this." - resident

"Always worthwhile - thanks." - resident

"Love these snippets and share what I can where I can." - service provider

“Nice one Splice, keep them coming!” - resident

Never more than two pages, Splice Snippets is also very good for sharing.

We encourage people receiving the Snippets, to email it on to other neighbours, to print and post to building noticeboards and to share on Apartment Facebook pages. The more people who know what is going on, the better our city centre community becomes. If at any time you decide you no longer wish to receive them, then this request is respected.