ACTIVE CITIZENS COURSES are starting in Auckland March 2018! The course cost for the first two pilot courses is a discounted initial offer of $100 per participant.

Course dates and how to apply:
The first two pilot courses start March 23rd and March 30th, and run over 3 days (1 full day and two half days). Each course will have a maximum of 35 participants.

Also, we are very excited to announce that Kiwi entrepreneur Derek Handley is sponsoring 21 places across these March Active Citizens courses.
The costs for 21 participants will be sponsored by Derek's Aera Foundation.  To apply for this scholarship, please review the course materials here and email Gareth Farry ( to let him know why you feel you are the right person for this opportunity. We ask you to email Gareth with the following info:
We are looking for committed and inspired social leaders to answer two questions via email: 
What is your great idea for positive change, and why will the Active Citizens training help you achieve that goal?
What commitment will you make to implementing the training to tackle the issues in your community or the wider World?

Aera sponsorship:
The costs for 21 participants will be sponsored by Aera and can attend either of the two courses. To apply for this sponsorship, please review the course materials online and email Gareth Farry by 10 March to let him know why you want to take the course. Applicants will be notified by 15 March if their course fee will be sponsored by Aera. 

Costs for other applicants:
The non-sponsored positions are partially subsided by Splice’s partners, including Methodist Mission Northern and the Ministry of Youth Development, making attendance very affordable at only $100. Register your interest at

Our Active Citizens:
• Have a strong understanding of the issues/social issues at local or national level
• Want to learn, expand their horizons and create CHANGES in their community
• Work closely with communities to strengthen activity or support communities through social entrepreneurship and enterprise
• Have a vision of a better World and are inspired to be a catalyst for positive change

The full course brochure is here.  Active Citizens press release is here


Derek Handley is a futurist and entrepreneur who is passionate about shaping a better New Zealand. Through Aera Foundation (, he invests in companies and causes addressing social issues in imaginative ways. See



Active Citizens is a social leadership programme from the British Council which promotes intercultural dialogue and social responsibility as key leadership competencies in the 21st century. The programme also promotes community-led social development, and social enterprise. It motivates members of communities to take responsibility for their social needs and gives them the knowledge, skills and experience to address them.

The Active Citizens training programme develops Active Citizens facilitators who are potential change agents in their community. They in turn cascade the programme to people in their communities. The communities deliver social action, i.e voluntary, not for profit, activity for the benefit of communities. They demonstrate their skills in social action and support engagement with people with different perspectives.

Come join the network of over 200,000 Active Citizens in 54 countries around the World!

Together the community also develops skills which prepare them to face the challenges of the 21st century in an increasingly globalised world. The skills are equally applicable in the workplace, the community in which they live and the home. This process generates increased confidence, increased value for difference improved understanding of local and broader communities, improved strategic thinking and increased employability.

The Splice team along with selected Pacific community activators were trained to become Active Citizen Facilitators during a programme July in Fiji. Splice are the exclusive supplier for Active Citizens in NZ in partnership with British Council. Our aim now is to prepare a cascade plan for delivering the workshops and social action toolkit to the Auckland community. 

Active Citizens initial courses in Auckland will:

·       Empower participants to make a positive contribution to the development of their local communities by supporting them to deliver social action and helping them to become financially sustainable through social enterprise
·       Support and promote citizen led participation in governance issues
·       Provide opportunities to build new networks and uncover new perspectives
·       Provide cultural leaders with the practical skills, intellectual perspectives and global networks needed to seize new opportunities, strengthen their organisations and deliver a world-class vision.
·       Cultivate a shared sense of purpose among participants and foster a sense of optimism about the future
·       Build relationships between community leaders in Auckland and the UK, and globally to share learning in addressing common social challenges
·       Provide a framework which supports and feeds into other youth development initiatives in New Zealand.
·       Equip participants with key life and educational skills
·       Help to build trust, understanding and friendship between and within communities in which participants live.

The Active Citizens facilitation training comprises four core modules:

Module 1: Me - Identity and culture: Understanding identity and culture is the key to opening minds to new learning and perspectives, changing attitudes, encouraging empathy and creating a stronger sense of social responsibility. It is also critical to problem-solving and building networks.

Module 2: Me and You - Intercultural Dialogue:  participants learn methods of dialogue as a tool for building empathy, trust and understanding within and across cultures.

Module 3: Local and Global Community - We together: Participants learn how communities are local, global and interdependent and develop skills in mapping the community from a variety of perspectives - problem identification, systems thinking and power dynamics. These are used to identify appropriate interventions and a network to address them.

Module 4: Social Action/Social Enterprise start-up Planning: Participants focus on planning a social action initiative in their community, considering the process in different levels of detail and complexity. This involves identifying and clarifying their agenda, a specific intervention and how they will deliver it.

Read the Auckland Active Citizens programme full proposal here. Active Citizens Annual Report here

  Active Citizens pilot day participants from Trinity Colleges international May 2017.

Active Citizens pilot day participants from Trinity Colleges international May 2017.

  Active Citizens Facilitation training session - Nadave Fiji June 2017.    

Active Citizens Facilitation training session - Nadave Fiji June 2017.