Splice is a movement of people connecting AND BUILDING NEIGHBOURHOOD in Auckland’s City Centre

Our vision is to build neighbourhood and create community in Auckland City centre.  Our values are courage, compassion and community and we practise hospitality and inclusiveness in all we do.  Our team is made up of a group of diverse and creative people all passionate about connecting those who live, work and play in Auckland city centre. 

We seek to "connect the strands to strengthen community" by:

- Building positive relationships 

- Collaborating and partnering with stakeholders

- Offering activities to foster community and make connections

- Advocating for our city's diverse and complex population

- Communicating - what's happening, policy decisions, giving voice to residents etc.

Join our SPLICE adventure as we unravel who makes up our diverse city, seek to foster relationships,  create authentic community and advance social justice. 

If you would like to learn more about us you can read about how Splice started here.

SPLICE - part of Methodist Mission Northern
                level 7 - 385 Queen St Auckland City 1010
                box 5104 Auckland 1141 Aotearoa New Zealand