Splice has been working in Auckland since 2013.

We’re part of Methodist Mission Northern (MMN), an organisation that has helped thousands of Aucklander’s for over 150 years.

Splice sits within a framework of social organisations run by MMN. MMN has one vision and oversees three trusts. These trusts– Lifewise, Airedale Property, and Methodist Mission Trust–were established to challenge injustice, develop sustainable solutions, cultivate caring communities, and promote optimism and hope. You can read more about the vision of Methodist Mission Northern here.

Splice is Lifewise’s sister organisation. You can learn more about Lifewise here.

Practical, progressive theologian with forty years of crafting healing solutions for communities in Aotearoa, John MacDonald is the Head of Mission at Methodist Mission Northern and founder of Splice.

A visionary and specialist in community outreach with decades of proven outcomes, MacDonald leads the community in supporting such initiatives as the Human Library, Heartful Art Movement, Random Acts of Kindness, Active Citizens, Splice International Film Festival, Yoga Playgroup and the Auckland Street Choir.

MacDonald leads with love, permission and an arms wide open approach, supporting all people to have the courage to live from their hearts.